Sunday, April 03, 2005


I "auditioned" for one of the worship bands at the church we've been attending. Let me to elaborate: Assemble all of the current band members on stage fully set up, then allow all of the potential members set up next to them. Finally, have all people on stage play at the same time. In all, there were 6 guitars, 4 female singers along with the occasional drummer and bass player. And I thought practices at Grace were bad.....oh my!

In contrast to my Fridays (see previous post), I enjoy my Mondays. It's a nice way to ease into the week. Class at 9am, and 2 seminars at 1pm and 2pm (seminars are easy, you just go listen to some guy/girl talk about their research for an hour). If only I didn't have that Pathology on Tuesday to look forward to.

Maybe I should be more optimistic - at least I don't have this teacher.


Blogger Neal337 said...

Yes, I agree. Oh my.

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