Friday, April 08, 2005

A little more Brownian

Attention Star Wars fans: If your going to make an idiot of yourself and line up 7 weeks early for the premiere, try to limit the idiocy by lining up at the correct theatre.

The "chiefs" of Google have agreed to work for $1 a year. I've heard of CEOs doing this before, but never when the company was doing well. I guess it helps when you're worth $7.1 billion. OK...I'll make you a deal - I'll only require being worth $1 billion to work for $1 a year. Of course, the $1 billion figure is negotiable.

Tired of the bar scene? In my mind it would take a lonely piece of white-trash to frequent Walmart looking for dates. In other news: Germany is full of lonely white-trash. On a side note, could you imagine being the couple that met at Walmart? I'd be more proud to announce I met my wife the sample place Dad & Christine met ('s a bit of a story).


Blogger JZ said...

The Google founders are using a method of being paid that used to be relatively common. Using stocks and a low salary they avoid a lot of taxes. Especially FICA, medicare etc. Rest assured they are compensated adequately.

The IRS had moved to close most of the loopholes that this attractive suring the CLintom administration. However, those rules are are being reversed.

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