Saturday, February 05, 2005

Today is gone

It turns out Tuesday was Mindy and my 1.5 year anniversary - evidentially we both have other things on our mind. So, we went out to eat tonight. Normally you wouldn't go out on a Sat night, but the place we were at (La Parrilla) told us the wait would only be 35 minutes. Well, an hour and fifteen later, we actually got seated (I think another 10 minutes and Mindy would have passed out). We did get a free appetizer out of it.

So, this news might be a little old now: Two girls were sued for delivering cookies to a neighbor after the neighbor developed stomach cramps. I know what your thinking: "The plaintiff ate the cookies, got a stomach ache, and had to go to the hospital." WRONG. The girls knocked on the door, ran and left the cookies on the doorstep. The plaintiff was so nervous, evidentially, that she had to spend the night at a family members - the next morning she went to the hospital because she was still shaking and had an upset stomach. TO TOP IT ALL OFF, the parents of the girls offered to pay for the medical bills, but the offer was rejected and she decided to sue because the apologies were "not sincere".


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