Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ultra-conservative radio cracks me up

We have one of those "Christian" talk radio stations here in Tucson. The simple-minded solutions that they come up with are really quite amazing:

Apparently, you can solve all of the immigration problems in Arizona by 1) removing all government privileges to illegals, 2) penalizing companies that hire illegals, 3) building a giant wall on the AZ-Mexico border. Come on guys...These people are so eager to come to the United States that they will often do it at 110-120 degree weather - they want to be here more than they value their own lives. Not to mention the number of forged documents that I'm sure many illegals have. The only steps toward immigration reform Arizona has taken (may I add that major leaders in both parties were against) involve penalizing the CITIZEN that provides the service to the alien.

Oh, and probably my favorite program is the medical advice show, which consists of a chiropractor (I guess they couldn't find a Christian medical doctor that agreed with all of their beliefs...go figure) attempting to discredit any progress in medical research while promoting "natural" and "homeopathic" medicine. I know lashing out at the FDA and drug companies is the trendy thing to do, but homeopathic "alternatives" are anything but. Probably have more on that later.


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