Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A happy story?

So, Mindy and I were having a nice relaxed evening last night. Ordered a pizza, rented a movie, had a nice evening. The movie ends, I happen to jump onto my computer and stumble onto the registrars website to discover: CLASSES BEGIN JAN 12TH. After a 15 minute panic attack, I regained control of myself and prepared to attend school today. How do you forget the first day of school? More importantly, who makes the schedules such that school starts on a Wednesday? There should be some kind of law regarding this crime against humanity.

In the news: Turns out Iraqi insurgents are upset that bin Laden and the boys are trying to hijack their rebellion. For not wanting us around they sure fight for our attention. Is this like the boy/girl in elementary school that disturbs the class to get the teachers attention?


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