Saturday, January 08, 2005

Evil Empires

Reality TV has hit a new low. Christianity has hit a new low. Evidentially, I'm not getting my daily allotment of Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) or something. "Travel the Road" is their reality show: "Christian missionaries living a travelogue life while viewers watch their aches, pains and trials trying to spread the Gospel."

If I had my way nobody would watch TBN....EVER (and I am not alone). First, they keep stations on the air through individual donations, but they are not a nonprofit organization AND they don't release finacial information to the public. What does this mean? They are making lots of money. Also, a lot of what they preach or support could be described as sketchy at best.

If you wanna know what real missionary work is like support one (if you need one to support, I know some in need). In the mean time, don't take what these guys say about Christianity as fact. Most likely it's more on the fiction side.


Blogger Neal337 said...

I agree. BTW how did you find this show? News, or were you watching it?

2:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Found the linked article on (not the most wholesome site on the internet).

6:11 PM  

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