Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Lots of news

A bit of old news: Randy Johnson, otherwise known as the Big Unit, otherwise known as the only reason the D-Backs won ANY games last season, is most likely moving to the Yankees. This is truly a sad time for Arizona baseball fans. Now, I'm not sure on the details of who wanted (who) to go/stay, but I'm pretty sure you don't win more games by trading the best thing you have going. You start with a base and build around it. Then again, what do I know about planning a baseball team? (nothing)

And in the pure comedy section of the news: Standoff At Bar Ends When Drunk Gunman Passes Out. Maybe cops could use this strategy in future standoffs for peaceful resolutions ;-)

Lastly, if your looking to buy a 3 acre glass cage, Biosphere 2 is now up for sale. This was the experiment to see if we could someday live on the moon self sufficiently. Unfortunately, it failed miserably. BUT, if it was on your Christmas list it may not be too late.


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