Monday, January 03, 2005

Back in Tucson

Sorry for the lag in postings. Only had dial up in VA, which is difficult to sit through once you've experienced broadband. Anyways, I'm back in town, so expect updates regularly.

Vacation summary: 2 evenings of snowboarding, snow tubing, golf, & two new airports to add to my visited list. Mindy's uncle has a vacation home at Wintergreen - that's where we were for most of it. On a side note, don't ever take a red eye flight across the country. You WILL NOT sleep. Late (early?) flight + crying babies + no leg room = miserable flight + no sleep. It's a sure-fire solution to no fun.

In the news: If your looking to illegally cross the Mexico->America border any time soon, it looks like the Mexican Govt has published a guide to help you on your journey. Good Luck on your trip.

That's it for today.


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