Friday, January 21, 2005

Crazy Day

We're in the first few minutes of my pathology lab today, when the professor announces, "We will have some gross specimens for you today." So I think: Cool, she'll wave some organs in front of the class and put them back into their container. NOT. Yeah, she first described the organs and the disease involved (sometimes with a normal organ to contrast) and then passed them out to the class to touch, explore, and investigate. I have held in my hand 2 human hearts, 2 kidneys, and a liver. Simultaneously one of the grossest and coolest things I've ever done.

To add to the fun, it rained for part of the afternoon. After lab, most of the ground was dry, so I decided to head home. The second I step off the bike and towards my apartment it beings to rain - and does so for the next 4 hours. CRAZINESS

OK, I can't fill an entire entry with personal accounts on life, so In the News: What happens when you take a herbivorous animal and feed it meat, and (to add insult to injury) meat of the same species? Why you spread mad cow disease of course (as well as others I'm sure). I think there is something fundamentally wrong in the thinking of these people. You can't feed meat to herbivore and expect everything to be peachy. Almost makes me want to rethink going off meat. HEY, I SAID ALMOST.


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