Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Random is the new organized

Here are some random news articles for you to peruse:

New studies show exposure to the sun both cause and prevent cancer. Which means you should both avoid and schedule time to be in the sun...or just go on living your life.

I guess some colleges will now kick you out of school based upon your belief system. A student wrote a paper advocating corporal punishment in public schools because it worked on him in elementary school. That paper is now being used to keep him from enrolling in classes.

For you anti-Bush people, he's raising the military death benefit from $12,420 to eventually $250,000 including all soldiers who died in Afghanistan and Iraq. Lets see...how can we turn this into a bad thing?

This man was the spokesperson for Taster's Choice for years without even knowing it. Which company would you wanna be the spokesperson for without knowing it?


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