Wednesday, May 04, 2005


As mentioned, today was my last day of class. As nice as that may sound, I think I'm more scared that finals are here than I am relieved that classes are gone. I've never been more scared of getting a C (if I get a C in either of my BME classes, I have to take it over again).

I've all but moved into my new lab. Got to set up my computer (at least that's what they would have called it 5 years ago). Turns out I'm a little rusty in network troubleshooting. Everyone at RESNET would be disappointed.

I seem to have this persistent list of things I'm gonna get to: I'm gonna start riding my bike to school a few days a week (in the summer? ha), I'm gonna spend more time recording and writing, I'm gonna go on a Sat ride on the motorcycle. Anyone remember that amp I was gonna build? Yeah, that's still sitting in the closet.


Blogger Owen said...

Yeah, I seems to recall that very amp. I also recall that someone else was going to get a rocking awesome stack setup. Additionally, I feel that you should come up to Phoenix. Go now.

7:53 AM  

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