Friday, December 02, 2005

The virtues of chain lube

Thats right! You should keep your bicycle chain well lubed at all times. But, the goal of this post is too look at other uses of chain lube...

For instance:
1) Its the middle of the night.
2) Your baby is constantly woken by a squeaky door.
3) You're out of WD-40.
Just then, you realize that the only kind of lubricant you have in your house guessed it....White Lightning Self-Cleaning Wax Lubricant - the king of all chain lubes.

Apply a little to the door and wha-la! Problem sovled!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you God, for White Lightning Self-Cleaning Was Lubricant!

Love you all,
Mom Pam

5:05 PM  
Blogger joshaldred said...

I wonder if White Lightning will work on M-16s? It works great for my bike while I am here in the big sandbox.

josh aldred

8:37 PM  

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