Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Take 2

I know I havn't written in a while, but I've had some writer's block at work. I'm hoping some blogging will cure it.

Life is busy. I now stay home with Kyle in the mornings while Mindy works. Mindy's new job has been nice from a monetary standpoint, but it means we have less time together. That's not as fun as you might think. I also watch a little boy, William, for a couple hours in the morning. I'm convinced they conspire between the two of them to make mornings more interesting. One takes a morning off, while the other finds new ways to mess up something. Maybe we should get out of the house more often.

At work, I'm somewhat proud of implementing my simulation to run on a cluster (think large network of computers). UA has a cluster for general research purposes (and another, larger cluster being installed soon). I havn't run anything huge yet, I've gotten enough of a speedup in computation time to claim the new implementation a total success. It always seemed that the old implementation would limit the quality of simulations I could run before a deadline. Now I can be happy for the next few months thinking everything is faster. If history is any judge, It won't be long before I find some way to be dissatisfied again.


Anonymous Laurel said...

Nice to see you writing again. Glad everything is going well!

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kev,

Are you just trying to tease us with your "Take 2"? I miss your writing!


9:36 AM  

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