Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Procrastination is the key

Today I learned one of the virtues of procrastination. Doing your homework early can really come to bite you later.

For instance, I did my assignment due Thursday on Monday and Tuesday. I worked out all the problems, gave it some good thought, and fit data appropriately. What great reward can I get for all my hard work and effort?

In class today the inevitable question came:
Student: "Can you give me the answer to question 2b?"
Of course, she didn't ask that question directly, but I assure you that some bible translations are less accurate than my paraphrase of her question. 

My thought bubble: "2b? What's she doing? That's the only problem on the set that actually requires thinking."

Professor: "Well, what we have here is.....(3 minutes of trying to hide the answer followed by blank stares from students).....(the answer)." 

My hard work will no longer help me get a better grade on this assignment. Why think when a professor will do it for you?


Blogger Owen said...

Because they won't get help from the professor on comps or a defense?

3:23 PM  

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