Sunday, June 19, 2005


In a little over a week, we'll have been in Tucson for one year. That means I have 1 of 5 years of my graduate career accomplished (you know, give or take 3 years).

Ironically, it took us all of that year to recognize that people from Tucson are weird (no offense to our friends from Tucson). This came through the realization that almost all of our friends (so far) moved here semi-recently.

I do acknowledge that the disproportionate ratio of out-of-town friends to local friends could stem from the large student population, as well as an easy skew of data from a small population size (population referring to the grand total of friends who live in Tucson). Oh I did add one more friend to the list (an out-of-towner).

P.S. You can always identify the illegals. They always drive just a few mph under the speed limit. My guess is that they are trying to avoid being pulled over.


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